Guatemala Antiqua Decaf Coffee

This high grown, decaffeinated Antiqua coffee is roasted to a light-medium state, usually right before the second crack stage.  Guatemala Antiqua has a full body of flavor that is heavier than other Central American coffees.  With a spicy tinge, this unique Guatemalan coffee proves velvety-rich texture and aftertaste.  You may also notice this medium roast coffee gently laced with a hint of chocolaty aroma.

Antiqua coffees are well known and highly rated. In Antiqua, coffee is nurtured from the bean to the bag by farmers with immense knowledge and a strong dedication to the art of growing coffee.  The coffee growing custom of large shade trees originated here.  The proper level of shade slows the maturity of the coffee plant, which in turn offers a rich and complex flavor. 

Guatemala Antiqua coffee stands to please any coffee drinker!

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