Parisian Style

Our French Roast and New Orleans Chicory coffee will make you feel like you have crossed the ocean to Paris and then returned to the French Quarter of New Orleans. 

Brew these delicious coffees in our Maximus French Press that features a patented Flavor Lock filter system and filtering lid to reduce sediment in your cup.  It has a stainless steel lid and frame, borosilicate glass carafe, stainless steel filter, rod and screen.  This basket includes a stainless steel coffee scoop.

Our French Roast is a special blend of Indonesian coffee beans that are darkly roasted and brews into a full bodied cup with smoky overtones and bittersweet notes.  True to the New Orleans tradition, we delicately blend rich Columbian coffee with dark, velvety French Roast and chicory to create our New Orleans Chicory blend

Relax and enjoy by yourself or with friends and imagine you are sitting in your very own café.

  • Maximus French Press -  33.8 ounce capacity
  • 1 pound bag of ground French Roast coffee
  • 1 pound bag of ground New Orleans Chicory coffee
  • Green Splash Coffee scoop

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