Oolong Tea

Oolong means "black dragon" and is defined as semi-oxidized tea as it is a partially processed tea, ranging both in oxidation levels and rolling style.  Oolong teas are bruised and left to wither and brown (oxidize).  They are then heated which halts oxidation. Generally Oolong teas are either rolled into long curly leaves or into small beads with spindly tails. 

They retain characteristics of both green and black teas and therefore maintain very complex but pleasing flavors.  Depending on oxidation levels and processing, Oolong flavors range from green, floral and fruity to woody, earthy and roasted.

In the early years, Oolong was grown, processed and consumed almost entirely in China, but in the 1800's seeds made their way to Taiwan and production soon followed.  Now Taiwan is one of the world's largest producers of oolong.

Oolong teas are noted for a variety of health benefits.  It is known as the "slimming herb" in China and is beneficial in reducing and maintaining weight by increasing metabolism and inhibiting lipid absorption. it is also noted for its ability aiding in the digestion of a heavy meal. And don't forget about everyone's favorite little endorphin rush, released by its caffeine content.

CTC and More's Oolong tea comes directly from the grower.  This enable us to bring you the freshest and best quality possible.