Rewards Program

Why do we have a Rewards Program?
Simply put, we believe in rewarding customers for continuing to shop with us and telling others about us and our wonderful selection of products.
We would like to think that the rewards program is one way of showing you that we appreciate your business.

How to Earn Your Reward Points

  1. Sign up and create your own account.   You will be asked for your name, email and a password of your choice.  We will forward an email asking you to confirm your email and password at which time your account will be established and points awarded to your account.  This should be done before placing any order.  Orders placed before creating an account will not be counted toward your balance.
  2. Buy Products - $1.00 spent earns 1 point.   Points are awarded for purchases of all coffee, tea, chocolate and hardware products (tax and shipping dollars are excluded).  Remember to create your account before purchasing products.
  3. Refer a FriendEvery time you refer a friend, they will receive a welcome reward and you will be eligible to receive extra points        

    toward your next award level.  You must have a registered account and your referral must make a purchase for you to receive your points.
    It's simple!  Here's how it works:
    Click on the Rewards Tab on the right side of the web page and the Rewards Box will open.  Click on Earn Points on the top menu bar.  Then click on Refer Now next to Refer a Friend.  A standard referral link will be will appear and you will see a message.  From this point you can send the invitation with the referral link via Facebook, Twitter or email it to them.  (If you are not using Microsoft Outlook, open your own email mailbox and cut and paste the link in the content section.  Do not send the referral link to a group - one link, one person)   Please attach a small personal note to the recipient so they are comfortable that the message is from you before they click on the link.  Your message to your friend will generate a unique code especially for them.   This unique code will be tracked back to your account so that in the event they accept the welcome discount and make a purchase, we will be able to award you your referral points.
    The recipient, once clicking on the link from your message, will be directed to our site and will see a message that you have sent them a gift (welcome discount). They can immediately accept the welcome gift and make a purchase or hold on to it for a future purchase. 
    It's as easy as that!  Good referrals benefit everyone.

  4. Birthday points - Let us know your birthday and earn a quick 30 points.  You must sign up 30 days prior to your birth date to earn points.  When your day arrives, we'll send something special.           

        Points are not earned on gift cards, taxes and shipping charges.

    Point Earning Award Levels
    • At each award level, there is a dollar reward associated with a point total.  Click on the Rewards Tab to see the point categories.
    • There are five award levels with associated rewards.  The higher the award level, the higher the reward.
    • Click on the Rewards Tab for more details. 
    • Your points will not expire.
    • There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer.
      How to Spend Your Rewards
      • When you reach a reward level - either click on the spend points link in your email notification or cut and paste the code in your checkout page.                                      
      • For example: If you have 350 points - you can either elect to use all your points for a $10.00 reward or redeem one of the lower reward levels, let's say, the 125 point level for a $5.00 reward.  The 125 points will be deducted from the 350 total points.
      • Points can not be spent on the same transaction on which they are earned.
      • You can only use 1 reward at a time. 
      Do's and Don't of the Program
      • Do - Buy products and earn points.
      • Do - Convert points to dollar rewards.
      • Do - Refer others - so they can enjoy our wonderful products.
      • Do not combine a redeemed reward with any other offer that we may selectively send to you. (example:  if you have reached the 225 level and we send you a free shipping offer with a code, you can not use both the free shipping code and your points level reward for the same order.)
      • Combining your points with other members' accounts is not allowed.

      Returned or Cancelled Orders

      • Cancelled or returned orders will have the associated points of that purchase deducted from the total points previously earned with the purchase.


      • CTC and More LLC will make all reasonable attempts to maintain systems to accurately account, manage and redeem member's points, however, the company is not responsible for technical errors which may cause interruptions to the program's performance, calculations or redemptions.
      • CTC and More LLC reserves the right to cancel or reject any Credits, Points or Rewards which the Company determines, at its sole discretion, violate these program terms.    
      • CTC and More LLC. may, from time to time, offer bonus or promotional points for limited time offers which can not be used in combination with reward dollars.