Around the World with Coffee

    Allow us to take you on an Around the World trip with some of our finest coffee products.  Coffees from Central and South America, Africa and Indonesia and accessories that are sure to create that "wow" reaction from a coffee lover.
    We add the popular Paderno Stainless Steel professional scoop along with 2 handmade mugs from Barn Hill Pottery on Cape Cod to make this a complete set.  A great gift for the person or couple that travel or that just want to take that coffee break to the next level.
  • 1 pound of whole bean Organic Guatemala Santiago coffee
  • 1 pound of whole bean Tanzania Peaberry coffee
  • 1 pound of whole bean Organic Sumatra Black Satin coffee
  • 1 pound of whole bean Peru Free Trade Swiss Water Decaf coffee
  • 1 Paderno Coffee Scoop
  • 2 small (12 oz.) Handmade Denim Blue mugs with seashell thumb rest

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