Blue Leaf Cast Iron Teapot

This simple cast iron Blue Leaf colored teapot is decorated with leaves giving it a natural appearance, perfect for any table setting.  With a capacity to hold 27 ounces of tea, this is a great teapot to have friends over to enjoy a cup of your favorite tea.  The matching cast iron trivet will compliment any table setting.

Cast Iron teapots were created in ancient China.  They were then adopted and further developed by the Japanese into practical as well as decorative handicraft items.  They symbolize the everlasting strength and unity of the world. 

Through special treatments, impurities are removed from the cast iron during the production process.  A coating of black gloss enamel is then applied to help prevent the formation of rust.

Due to their strength of construction, these pots may be used as tea kettles (to boil water) or as teapots (to brew tea).  This teapot comes with a stainless steel mesh infuser for brewing loose tea.


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