Evak Glass Storage Containers

The Evak continues to win praise as Good Housekeeping Magazine picks the Evak as a top Kitchen and Appliance lab pick in August 2017.

Keep your Coffee, Tea , cereal or spices .... fresher and longer.

The longer your coffee and tea are exposed to air the faster they lose their flavor.  This food storage system has an innovative twin valve airflow system that automatically removes the air inside your container when the handle is pushed down.  Your coffee and tea stay fresh longer. 

The Evak has won multiple awards upon introduction including the 2014 IHA (International Housewares Association)Affordable Innovation Award and the RedDot Design Award.

The Evak is made in 2 sizes, 1 pound and an 1/2 pound capacity clear glass container with a black handle. 

Let this product take center stage on your counter top to give it a stylish look.


Key Features

  • Made from the highest quality odor and stain free Borosilicate glass and stainless steel
  • Push down to remove air, pull up on handle to access
  • Dimensions (w/d/h)  4 x 4 x 11.7 for the large unit and 4 x 4 x 7.7 for the smaller unit
  • Container is easily cleaned with warm soapy water.


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