Genmai Cha Tea

Tasting Notes: Steamed Spinach - Nori - Popcorn

Origin:  Shizuoka, Japan

In the 15th century, blending rice with an inexpensive Japanese green tea was a way for laborers to maximize their minimal annual tea rations.

This tea is a proprietary blend of CTC and More.  This popular tea is reminiscent of dark roasted rice crispies with a popcorn flavor, overlaid on sweet Sencha green tea.  We use Camellia Sinensis leaves, toasted and popped rice.  It's a great tea for new tea drinkers!

The caffeine level of this tea is high.

For best brewing results for an 8 ounce serving: use 1 level teaspoon, add water at 175 degree temperature and steep for 3 minutes.  Healthy drinking!

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