Make Your Own Gift Basket

Customize your very own gift for that someone special.  

Choose one of our beautifully crafted baskets and "Make Your Own" assembly.  No matter what the occasion is, we'll assemble your personalized basket as ordered. 

Follow these easy steps:

    1. Choose a basket below - place it in your shopping cart.

      (Select the right size basket.  Remember the small 9 inch baskets will accommodate very small items.  Sizing tip:

      • Small baskets will generally hold products costing no more than a maximum total of $35.00
      • Keep selection to no more than 2 - 8 oz. coffee or no more than 2 - 4 oz. bags of tea. 
      • Will usually hold only 3 items in total
      If you select a basket that is too small to hold the items that you have chosen, we will contact you to help make the correct selection.)

           2.  Now Go Shopping - Place your desired products in your cart until finished.

           3.  Checkout - Do you have everything you want for the basket? - Proceed to the checkout page.  The checkout page will list your basket and all your items. 

      It is that easy.  Once you have paid for your basket,  we'll assemble your basket, wrap it, tie it with a bow then ship it off to its destination.


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