Organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria Coffee

ONLY 1 - 1 pound bag of Drip Grind Left  !!!


Our organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria coffee is grown on a family owned farm at the highest elevation on the property on the outskirts of the famous Honduran National Forest Preserve.  The combination of diverse shade trees, rainforest conditions, and the natural irrigation from spring waters provide the optimal micro climate to grow this Pacamara coffee.

The lightly roasted Finca Santa Maria Pacamara is rich in complex flavors like caramel, berries, plums, nectarines, and the spiciness of cloves.  A medium to high acidity lends a crisp and refreshing taste combined with a full body that yields to a creamy cup of coffee.

Our organic Honduran Finca Santa Maria light roast coffee will brighten up your morning routine!

Taste:  Light - Medium Roast

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