Sleepy Time

    This gift set is a great gift for anyone who likes comfort in a cup.  After a long day, nothing is more soothing than a cup of our natural Chamomile Flowers or Ginger Lemon tea.  Chamomile Flowers is a soothing herbal tea with apple and sweet tastes and aromas.  Our Ginger Lemon, has a pungency of ginger, is accented with a lemon note and blended with honey sweetness of Linden.
    Brew a nice pot of our tea with one of our colorful stoneware teapots.  The pot is lead free and suitable for your microwave or stovetop.  Coupled with a functional and simple infuser basket, that fits in the top of your teapot, it has the tiniest perforated holes that won't allow your tea to escape, but will permit water to flow evenly over the tea to develop full flavor.
          This tea set will surely relax you right into a good night's sleep. 
          • 4 ounce bag of Ginger Lemon tea
          • 4 ounce bag of Chamomile Flowers
          • Blue Stoneware Teapot
          • Endurance Tea Filter

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